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Rules – GT3 Series (US)

1.0 About The Series

Welcome to all competitors and thank you for taking the time to look at the official rule document for Season 3 of the Race Anywhere World Series GT3 Championship.

There will be 10 rounds in total plus a pre-season press day, with 60 available grid places overall, there will be 2 classes with 2 separate points tables, GT3 PRO and GT3 AM, There will also be a Teams championship standings where 2 drivers can represent their chosen team. A maximum of 2 drivers per team can earn points for the teams championship table. Team’s can have multiple entries using different team name variants.

Entries open to all = 26th April 2022 (12:00:00)

Entries close = At capacity entries will be placed on a reserve list

Season starts =  15th June 2022  

Season ends =  31st August 2022

No refunds will be issued after the 6th of June (no exceptions)

Entry acceptance at the discretion of the admin team.

Entry Form: 

To enter into the series you will first need to complete the entry form (See Below) and complete the payment of $45 USD, All teams entering the series are required to pay the entry fee and complete the entry form.

Payments should only be made when the entry form is submitted unless previously agreed with admins and all entry fee must be paid no later than 1 week prior to Round 1. 

Failure to pay in a timely manner may result in your place being forfeited to another Driver on the reserve list.

All Payments must be made as Personal/Gifts through PayPal to the following email address. If the payment is sent as a product or goods it will be refunded and a member of the admin team will assist you on how to send it as a gift.

Payment Link:

Discord Link:

Broadcaster: Every race will be broadcasted by Simply Race & ASR on YouTube, and can be found using the channel link:

1.1 Driver Classes

GT3 PRO: iRating Above 2500iR (Admin Discretion)

GT3 AM: iRating Below 2500iR (Admin Discretion)

Drivers between 2250iR and 3000iR will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine Drivers are placed in their appropriate class for the good of the series. Driver Classification will use all data as stated in section 1.1.2.

1.1.2 Driver Classification – 2x Classes PRO/AM

The admins will take into account a variety of data and statistics from previous seasons including wins, podiums, top 10s, fastest laps, average points, average finish, laps leads, DSQs, DNFs, Incidents, Average Qualified and much more. We will spend a lot of time assessing all data available to us to confirm a Drivers class and reserve the right to move or place a Driver in their appropriate class for the good of the series.

2.0 Race Sessions

All races are dynamic weather and rolling starts.

Track Usage will be set to 35% at session and carried over. 

2.1 Overview

2.1.1 Black flags – will only be cleared during practice sessions. Our admins also race and therefore if iRacing deems you are worthy of a black flag for any reason, so do we.

2.1.2 Blue flags – If you receive a blue flag during the race you should take reasonable care so as to not impede drivers on the lead lap, following the blue flag rules as stated in section 5.2.6.

2.1.3 Weather – We use iRacing dynamic weather so bear in mind that the weather conditions will change from session to session.

2.1.4 Discord – Drivers are expected to be in the WSL discord during the race.. This is to allow both Admins and Drivers to be able to communicate effectively should there be an issue identified.

2.1.5 Incident Limits – The incident limit will depend on the tracks we race and the length of the races. The penalty for exceeding these is a drive through penalty. Once you have reached the initial incident limit of Incident Points, Drive Through penalties will be issued every 5x,  No DQ limit. 

2.1.6 Fast Repairs – No fast repairs will be used for this series.

2.2 Race Day Schedule

Times represented below are real world times.

Sessions will go live @ 19:00 EDT.

Practice: 19:00 EDT

Driver Briefing: 20:00 EDT

Qualifying: 20:10 EDT (10 Minute Session)

New session will be be put up to split the Classes

Race 1: 20:30 EDT

New session will be be put up to split the Classes

Race 2: 21:05 EDT

2.2.1 Qualification Format

Qualifying will be a 2 lap closed Session. 

2.2.2 Race Formats:

Race 1: Starting Grid – Qualification results.

Race Length – 25 mins

Race 2: Starting Grid – Full Reverse

Race Length – 50 mins

2.3 Calendar

In-game time and dates will be set to the event date and then the following in-game times.

Press Day15th June 2022 – Road America

Practice: 10:00

Qualifying: 11:00

Race 1: 12:00

Race 2: 16:00

Round 122nd June 2022 – Le Mans

Practice: 10:00

Qualifying: 11:00

Race 1: 12:00

Race 2: 16:00

Round 229th June 2022 – Spa Francorchamps

Practice: 10:00

Qualifying: 11:00

Race 1: 12:00

Race 2: 16:00

Round 36th July 2022 – Watkins Glen Boot

Practice: 10:00

Qualifying: 11:00

Race 1: 12:00

Race 2: 16:00

Round 413th July 2022 – Imola GP

Practice: 10:00

Qualifying: 11:00

Race 1: 12:00

Race 2: 16:00

Round 5 20th July 2022 – Brands Hatch GP

Practice: 10:00

Qualifying: 11:00

Race 1: 12:00

Race 2: 16:00

Break Week – 27th July

Round 63rd August 2022 – Donington National 

Practice: 10:00

Qualifying: 11:00

Race 1: 12:00

Race 2: 16:00

Round 710th August 2022 – Monza GP

Practice: 10:00

Qualifying: 11:00

Race 1: 12:00

Race 2: 16:00

Round 817th August 2022 – Nurnburgring Gp 

Practice: 10:00

Qualifying: 11:00

Race 1: 12:00

Race 2: 16:00

Round 9 – 24th August 2022 – Sebring 

Practice: 10:00

Qualifying: 11:00

Race 1: 12:00

Race 2: 16:00

Round 1031st August 2022 -Daytona 

Practice: 22:00

Qualifying: 23:00

Race 1: 0:00

Race 2: 01:00

2.4 Point Scoring

2.4.1 Driver & Team Points: Points are only scored once 50% race distance has been completed by a team and you score based on finishing position.

2.4.2 Team points: Points can only be scored for that team or team name variant.

Race 1 Points Table Shown Below:

Race 1 Points Table

Race 2 Points Table Shown Below:

Race 2 Points Table

2.4.3 Incident Limits: 

Race 1 – First incident limit 17x before drive through penalty issued, then every  5x, no DQ limit will be set.

Race 2 – First incident limit 25x before drive through penalty issued, then every 5x, no DQ limit will be set.

2.4.3 Incorrect car: Joining the session in the wrong car = DSQ’ed from the session and cannot qualify/race.

2.4.4 Car Swaps

Your car choice deadline is 19th June 2022 which is after the Press Day, after this date you will not be permitted to swap cars.

There will be no permitted car swaps throughout the season unless for one of the following reasons.

Your original car choice is made legacy/retired then you will be required to choose a different car.

If your current car choice is updated to an EVO version you must stick to that car and continue the season in the updated EVO variant.

3.0 Prizes

We are offering overall championship prizes to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place drivers in both the PRO and AM classes at the end of the season. 

These will be supplied by our title sponsors RaceAnywhere, IMB Racewear, and SIM-3D. 

1st Place For Each Class

Each class winner of the WSL GT3 Series will receive a $500 gift card to spend at the Race Anywhere Store, this car be used towards a higher value purchase or to cover the cost of any new sim racing hardware Race Anywhere offer.

2nd Place For Each Class

Each 2nd Place will receive a pair of customizable IMB Raceware sim racing Gloves and Boots, these can be fully colour customised to your team colours or whichever colour combination you wish as well as having your car number and name applied.  

3rd Place For Each Class

Each 3rd Place price will receive a Button Box XL from SIM3D. This prize again can be customised to have your team logo or car number applied. This is a must have item to your sim rig and can be used to control a wide array of different functions.

4.0 Car Liveries

The series will be using Trading Paints for the entire season.
iRacing Paint Policy must be adhered to by all =

**Any sponsors/logos on team/driver cars MUST have written approval, and no tobacco, alcohol, profanity or political sponsors are allowed.**

Before racing, please ensure your trading paints is turned on!

The series will run a custom decal pack which can be found via the downloads section on our website and are mandatory.


5.0 Driving Standards & Definitions

WSL is intended to foster a friendly environment both on and off the track where we can all enjoy racing with each other. As such, we expect everyone in the series to treat all admins, stewards and drivers with respect at all times.

5.1 Off-Track Conduct

Please keep conversations in the WSL Discord cordial and refrain from personal attacks and accusations. It is natural to have heightened emotions during and immediately after a race; it is for this reason we ask that you always take a moment to calm down before analysing incidents or talking to other drivers about events in a race.

Any drivers using social media in an inflammatory manner during and post-race evenings will be subject to having their privileges revoked. This will not be tolerated and may result in your removal from the series.

5.2 On-track Conduct

Drivers are always expected to behave professionally and fairly. The races are supervised by the stewards. In the event of infractions, the stewards will be authorised to take any measures it deems necessary against the relevant participant or team

The following list of incidents, driving manoeuvres and actions in particular will be considered infractions if undertaken on the racetrack. The participants and race management will furthermore be entitled to report these infractions to the race stewards. Any driving manoeuvres, behaviour or incidents it deems to constitute a violation of the standard regulations, other regulations or instructions issued by WSL or which are generally considered dangerous or unsportsmanlike. 

The following incidents, driving manoeuvres and behaviour will be penalised:

5.2.1 Dangerous overtaking: Drivers are obliged to initiate their overtaking manoeuvres safely and in a way that does not endanger the vehicle being overtaken. Drivers who do not look in their rearview mirror and/or block overtaking vehicles – especially by not giving them enough space or forcing them off the track – will be penalised.

Enough space is given, when there is at least one car width of space between the track limit and the edge of the car. An overtaking manoeuvre is considered to begin when the front wing of the overtaking vehicle has an overlap to the rear wing of the vehicle being overtaken. The manoeuvre will be considered to be finished the moment the rear wing of the overtaking vehicle has passed the front of the vehicle it has overtaken. 

5.2.2 Vehicle contact: Drivers who make contact with other vehicles due to carelessness may be penalised. This applies to all forms of ramming (from the rear as well as from the side) that noticeably pushes the front vehicle out of its line. If sufficient space is provided by the vehicle in front and unintentional contact occurs nonetheless, this will be tolerated on condition that no other infractions have occurred.

5.2.3 Netcode Contact Where cars appear to make contact but have a visible gap between them, race control may determine that “lag” (latency between the cars involved) was a causation of the contact and issue no further penalty to either car. It should be noted that whilst this may occur, consideration will be given to the positioning of each car, its intended trajectory and obvious intent of the driver, which still may result in a penalty if a driver has made a clear mistake, and a contact outcome was judged to be the inevitable result.

5.2.4 Aggressive driving: Aggressive driving that leads to contact between vehicles, or causing another vehicle to take avoiding action during an overtaking manoeuvre or unfairly blocks one or more vehicles may be penalised. Drivers are allowed to defend their racing line as long as their behaviour is not deemed to be “blocking

5.2.5 Blocking: Blocking is considered to occur when the ideal line is defended twice in succession by changing lanes, thus preventing the overtaking vehicle from overtaking in both movements. The one-move rule applies in all WSL series and/or events.

The lead car has the right to drive any line he/she deems appropriate, as long as this cannot be considered “blocking”. Tier 6 Penalty

5.2.6 Misconduct during blue flag: Whilst being lapped, drivers must maintain their racing speed to the same extent as during a normal overtaking manoeuvre. Drivers are not permitted to take extreme measures when being overtaken, in particular through sudden extreme decelerating outside the regular braking zones or failing to accelerate out of corners, because such behaviour is difficult for the driver behind to anticipate. 

Leaving the ideal line is permitted, provided this is done early and in a manner clearly recognisable for following drivers. The general principle for all participants is that each driver’s own behaviour when being lapped should be as predictable as possible for all others. If a driver is shown a blue flag, they will be expected to maintain their pace and only yield for the fast car once the car that is issuing the Blue Flag has made a clear attempt to overtake. Once the car that is issuing the Blue Flag has attempted a move on a lapped car then the Blue Flag car must accommodate the overtake and allow the faster car through with minimal time impact to both cars.

If you have a blue flag and are wishing to allow a car to overtake on a straight or prior to them attempting the overtake then please make it clear this is what you are doing on Voice Chat or by moving off the racing line. Once a Blue Flagged car does this, the car issuing the blue flag must overtake and pass the Blue Flagged Car.

The car that is issuing the Blue Flag must apply caution when overtaking lapped cars and only attempt the overtake in a safe and controlled manor on parts of the track that would be deemed as obvious overtaking spots, if you attempt to overtake a lapped car in a an unsafe place on track and cause an accident you will receive a penalty from the race stewards if protested.

5.2.7 Leaving the racetrack: Drivers who leave the track may only re-enter the track in a way that does not endanger or hinder other vehicles. This must be done at the most acute angle possible to the track and – where possible – off the ideal line. Vehicles on the track have right of way. If leaving the track results in gaining position, the driver of the returning vehicle must permit himself to be overtaken within three turns to re- establish the previous order. 

5.2.8 Track Limits: Track limits are as defined by iRacing’s Off-Track system. Passing whilst ‘off track’ is a protestable offence and maintaining a position after intentionally driving outside track limits may be deemed as gaining an unfair advantage.

When overtaking and an overlap between cars exists prior to the lead car turning for the corner apex, room must be given to allow fair and clean racing. This does not give carte blanche to the car initiating the overtake to dive-bomb the car in front to create the overlap.

Any advantage while driving off the racing surface or abusing track limits blatantly is a protestable offence under a Tier 19.

5.2.9 Slow downs: When serving a slowdown it must be done off the racing line, unless it is possible to do so without impeding another driver. Tier 9 Penalty 

5.3 Pit Lane Instructions: On entering the pits you MUST stay in the fast lane and must not cut through other competitors pit boxes, any infringement of this will result in a Tier 11 Penalty.

When entering or exiting your pit box you must move from the fast lane and back to the fast lane as quickly as possible, the car that is already in the fast lane has priority, if you are behind you must give ample room as soon as its possible to do so and not drive down or through any other pit boxes but your own. Driving down the pits inside another car will result in a Tier 11 Penalty.

You also are not permitted to excessively change gears in pit road to gain an advantage while the pit limiter is engaged. Any breach of the rules above will also receive a Tier 11 Penalty.

5.4 Towing during race or qualifying: If the car has too much damage during the race and needs to be towed, you must pull off the racing surface if and when it’s possible to do so before towing. Infringements of above will result in a penalty. 

5.5 Driving a damaged car back to the pits: Receiving outside assistance in the form of a push where a car is unable to continue under its own power will also incur a penalty to the driver involved, and the driver assisting which may be applied pre, during or post race.

When returning a damaged car to the pits a driver is to ensure to their best ability, not to impede or hinder other drivers. Reckless, irresponsible or uncontrollable driving in an attempt to return a damaged car to the pits that causes excessive hindrance to other competitors may result in penalties to the offending driver/s which may be applied pre, during or post race. 

The onus is on the damaged car/cars driver/drivers to primarily not place other cars at risk of damage. However, approaching drivers must also take note of in-game yellow flag warnings and proceed with caution and not cause further damage to any other cars on track.

5.6 Network connection: If a driver’s internet connection is weak and is blinking on the track, this can be mentioned to the race management team immediately. This will be checked by the race management and If deemed the internet connection is not stable, that driver will be black flagged. He then has to establish a stable connection for the next round. The stewards will check if his internet connection is indeed stable or not. Based on this check, the stewards will decide to allow the driver to continue the race or disqualify him for the second time. Afterwards the driver will be notified to see if the issue can be resolved for future rounds, if it cannot then that driver will be removed from the series.

5.7 Safety car procedure: In the event of a safety car all drivers are expected to follow all commands set by either Iracing or Race Control (These commands will be issued through voice Control in game or Iracing Message prompts).

We will be issuing cars wave arounds and EOL’s to reorganise the grid if its necessary to reorganise the grid, pit plane rules will be issued by Iracing, any black flags due to closed pit entry or exit will be reviewed but will need to be brought to the attention of Race Control through voice chat. 

6.0 Protests

6.1 All Protests must be submitted using the form that will be supplied in discord, all information is required on the protest form, and miss information could result in a void protest.

6.2 We will be running live stewarding for all races, there will always be 2 stewards who will be reviewing all incidents that are submitted, it is imperative that you have a team member who is not in the car with you at all times who can submit protests and if needed talk to the stewards if we need to have a conversation regarding an incident.

Race Control will then look at your incident and decide by a majority whether a driver warrants the addition of penalty points to his/her series licence.

6.3 All Drivers/Teams start the season with zero penalty points and the admins will endorse between 1 and 6 penalty points depending on the severity of the incident. No penalty points will be given for a “racing incident”. For every penalty point received, a driver receives a deduction of 5 bonus championship points off their series total. If a driver receives 12+ PP throughout the season, the driver will be under admin review to determine the driver’s future participation in the series.

6.5 Drivers are recommended to review incidents themselves to see what they could have done better should they be penalised.

6.6 We do ask that before protesting a driver you take the time to cool down and review the incident from all angles and from as many cars as possible as sometimes an incident that is black and white in your head can be any shade of grey after a sleep and a review.

6.7 Drivers gaining a position using unfair means are expected to give places back, if you take this action upon yourself it could reduce the penalty or in some cases we may choose to take no further action on an incident.

We pride ourselves on sportsmanship and clean racing so if you recognise that you have unfairly gained a position, then please allow a position reversal to take place at your earliest opportunity.

6.7.1 If you make contact with a driver causing them to lose position. If it’s possible and you wait and give the position back, only Penalty Points apply. This is to encourage good sportsmanship. (Giving a fellow driver a meatball is excluded and will result in the full penalty being given.)

NOTE: Please ensure protest details are correct otherwise the protest will be marked as invalid.

Series Protest Form Link:

Protests can be a useful tool in improving and/or rectifying poor driving standards within the series, this will assist WSL to deliver to you as drivers a clean, fun racing experience.

7.0 Penalties & Penalty Points System 

All Penalties will be issued post race and will strictly follow the penalty system, all drivers will be treated equally and fairly irrelevant of their involvement or position in the series.

7.1 Penalty System shown in table below:

7.2 There is also an additional system that will remove OR give bonus championship points to those clean and respectful drivers that compete in WSL. 

7.3 Overall Penalty Point system table shown below.

7.4 We also will be running a consecutive penalty point system, shown in the table below. This is to protect you as drivers and the series from repeat offenders and/or poor driving standards.

7.5 In game voice chat MUST be enabled for Race Control, this is how we will call cars onto track for Qualifying or will call out any Safety Car deployment/Yellow flags. Any abusive comments or foul language through Voice Chat in game or Discord at any point during the series could be penalised as per an (un-sportsmanship) and result in a meetings ban or full disqualification from the series.

8.0 General Terms & Conditions

8.1 We reserve the right to manually balance performance by adding weight to a car class/reduce power if an iRacing update is implemented that causes issues or if going into the season a class has an advantage.

8.2 We will wherever possible follow iRacings guidance on any BOP administered in official sanctioned races on the iRacing service.

8.3 We reserve the right to make amendments to the rulebook prior to the season start or during to cater for any unforeseen circumstances.

8.4 If iRacing is down and we have to postpone a meeting(s), we may or may not be able to reschedule due to broadcaster commitments. If a round is cancelled, no pro-rata refund will be issued.

8.5 By entering this series you give permission to WSL to use your name, team name and associated images for the purposes of advertisement for the series. This includes all media content submitted by participants within the WSL discord server. By publishing within these channels you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. We will endeavour where possible/appropriate to acknowledge any media creation which is utilised for the promotion of the series.

8.6 By paying your entry fee, you accept and acknowledge the rules and regulations of the series. We reserve the right to update where an error may have occurred. Significant changes will be communicated to competitors

8.7 If a driver does not race for 2x races without notifying the Admin team, their place in the championship could be revoked and will be opened to a reserve driver. We will contact the driver first to advise of the removal.

8.8 If a driver or representative wishes to file a concerns or complaint, they must use the appropriate channels using the form below:

Suggestions and ideas are welcome throughout the season. We always like to hear your thoughts so please submit using the dedicated channels in our Discord Server.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the admins to discuss further.

We look forward to welcoming you onto the grid for the Season!

9.0 WSL Staff Structure

9.1 Admins

Harry Wills (UK)

Dean Timms (UK)

Matthew Heatrick (UK)

Matthew Green (UK)

9.2 Stewards

Harry Wills (UK)

Dean Timms (UK)

Matthew Heatrick (UK)

Matthew Green (UK)

Dan Florea (US)

9.3 Sponsors

Martin Ellingham (UK) RaceAnywhere

Calvin Dent (UK) Sim-3D

Iain Berryman IMB Racewear

10.0 Rule Book Update Log

V.1.0 26/04/2022 – First Draft