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Category: Entries
Yes, both drivers are not required to use the same car, but are required to run similar livery designs.
Category: Entries

Yes, your team can be made up of 2 drivers from different classes.

(Endurance Championship Excluded)

Category: Entries

Yes, solo entries are permitted, just submit the entry form without a team name or state as Privateer.

(Endurance Championship Excluded)


Category: General

World Series Leagues do not apply BOP, the cars will have the BOP that iRacing have applied.

Category: General

Yes, Provided its before the series deadline for car swaps stated in that series Rules & Regulations.

There will be no permitted car swaps after the car swap deadline throughout the season, unless for one of the following reasons.

Your original car choice is made legacy/retired then you will be required to choose a different car.

If your current car choice is updated to an EVO version you must stick to that car and continue the season in the updated EVO variant.

When requesting a car swap please use the #car-swaps channel on Discord using the following format:

Driver name:

Current car:

New car:

Category: General

Pre-Qualy is basically just a press day, it gives everyone a chance to see exactly how everything will work on round 1, it is strongly advised that everyone attends pre-qualy to ensure they have an understanding of both what is expected of them as a driver and how the event will be run.

Category: General

Yes, a decal pack for each car will be released in good time before the start of the season, and is mandatory.

Session Information

The in game race session date will be the same date as the day of the race, e.g if the date is the 10th October then the in game date will also be the 10th October.

In game start times vary between races, please visit section 2.3 of the Rules & regulations for the specific start times in game for each race.

Race session will be set to dynamic sky & weather.


Category: Points

Team points will be the drivers point added together no matter if the drivers in the team are from the same or different splits e.g if both drivers finish P1 in their split then the team will be awarded a total of 200 points.

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