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Race Against Cancer

Race Against Cancer – 12 Hours of Daytona

The Organisers of the Racing Sim Rigs World & USA Series will be hosting a fun Charity Race in aid of raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The event will be held on the 19th of December and will be driven on Daytona.

Race length: 12 Hours

Race start time will be 2PM GMT

Car Classes:

HPD 30 Entries AM/PRO

GT1 30 Entries AM/PRO

We are having a Driver Irating cap to keep the field in close check, please see information on that in the rules section.

This event is geared around having a good time, enjoying Iracing and enjoying the company of your team mates and your fellow competitors in a bid to raise money just before Christmas for an excellent cause!

Please see entries page for the form to enter in the championship.

1. We expect all drivers to follow the Iracing code of conduct and expect everyone to give the maximum amount of respect for fellow competitors on and off the track, we will not be tolerating any intentional wrecking or any form of calling each other out over game chat or in any of the chat channels in discord.

2. Fast Repairs – we are allowing a maximum 3 fast repairs of the event for each team, you can use these as you wish but once gone they are gone.

3. Competition Safety Cars – During the course of the race we will have 3 random competition safety cars, on the 2nd competition caution we will be giving all cars that a lap or more down a single lap back, i.e if you are 3 laps down you will be 2 laps down after the competition caution.

4. Live Stewarding – The event will have a team of live stewards that can penalize any incidents and apply penalties as they see fit, they will also control the competition cautions, the form for protests can be found in the protest form text channel.

5. Driver Irating – The minimum driver irating is 1250IR AM Average team limit is 2500IR PRO Average team limit is unlimited

6. The minimum donation amount is £5 per driver, to get access to the race.

Join our discord server by joining:

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